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Dr Ron Laura is the creator of a Revolutionary Health and Wellbeing program of Multi Dimensional Self Improvement.

With over 30 years of research and development, Dr Ron Laura’s continual enhancement of the ‘Matrix System’  now offers you an even more effective holistic approach to  Drug Free Weight Training and Fitness.

Q: What is the ‘MATRIX SYSTEM‘ ?

A: It is a revolutionary breakthrough in exercise physiology.

It is NOT a machine !

Q: How long does it take to do Matrix workout?

A: Approximately 20 minutes, depending steroid for sale on the number of body parts to be worked. It takes about three minutes to completely fatigue a particular muscle (biceps, quads, etc.)

Q: How often must I workout?

A: Once a week is enough. Twice a week is very aggressive. Three times a week is not recommended because it borders on over-training. Muscles fatigued by the Matrix System need time to heal between workouts.

Q: Must all 20 or so minutes be done the same day?

A: No, a different body part may be worked each day. As long as each body part is worked at least once a week, the Matrix System will deliver amazing results.

Q: Is the Matrix System easy to do?

A: Once the user learns the techniques, he/she will have little difficulty in being able to perform the exercises; however, it is a veryvery intense workout and from that standpoint it is not “easy.” One interesting phenomenon about the system is that the user often experiences the exhilaration of having completely fatigued a particular muscle or muscle group WITHOUT experiencing overall body fatigue.

Q: How is it different from conventional workouts?

A: There are 36 Matrix principles or ways to perform familiar exercises done in conventional workouts (curls, bench press, squats, etc.). One new principle is used for each week of the-36-week program. The first principle is used in week one to perform all of the exercises for that week. The second principal for week two, etc. The 36st principle is used in the 36st week .

Q: What is a “principle”?

A: A “principle” is a specific routine of movements which utilize the disadvantage of partial muscle movements i.e. different starting and stopping points in order to encourage muscle fibres which don’t engage in most normal workout routines.

“I was so impressed with the initial 5 minute introduction that I made the decision there and then to use the Matrix training system to prepare for competition”

Lance Jensen


If one were to try to push a car, in neutral, along a flat road it would be difficult to get the car rolling at first; however, once the car begins to roll it becomes easier to keep rolling and, in fact, it actually accelerates and can continue to roll some distance even when not being continually pushed. This is analogous to the way most conventional weight lifting workouts are done. Starting at the bottom of the arc of movement and accelerating through the arc to a stop point at the top of the arc at which point the weight is balanced and uses almost no muscular effort to do so. Each AMP principle starts and stops a particular movement at varying places along the arc in order to engage and therefore break down muscle fibre at all points along the arc.

Q: Why do we need 36 principles?

A: The 36 principles are of a progressive degree of difficulty with week one being easiest and week 36 the most difficult assuming the amount of weight lifted is the same. If a workout is not varied both the mind and body will find a way to make it easier for the body to complete the same workout as time goes on. Using a more advanced principle each week not only makes it more difficult to perform the same exercises using the same amount of weight but also employs the mind/muscle confusion method or theory, a well-known technique used by professional body builders to mandate mind/body confluence. This technique prohibits the mind from running in neutral, so to speak, because it must concentrate on the cadence and techniques of the routine being undertaken. This has significant value to the user in promoting muscle growth and strength.

Q: Do I need any special equipment?

A: No. You can use The Matrix System in your gym on the equipment there or with free weights. You can even use a broomstick or standard bar. However, you will most likely find that should you choose free weights, you will probably find the bars in the gym too heavy for you.

Q: Who can use the system?

A: People of all ages, from eight to eighty. There has been considerable research done by Dr. William Evans of Tufts NE Medical Center, Boston, MA about the very positive effect of weight training on the elderly. Prepubescent adolescents can also use the system because it creates no stress on growing bones. Prior to Matrix Training by adolescents was discouraged. Adam Laura actually began using AMP at eight years of age using a broomstick.

” When we first met 10 years ago …..I was far from a picture of health….. I was somewhat sceptical when you first explained how the mental and physical principles of your training program would enable me to regain my health and fitness …..I have not looked back since that day and I’m now a totally different person – one full of energy and a passion for life …..Few can believe that my current level of health and fitness has been achieved with just one hour of Matrix training a week. From personal experience I believe that your training program is the best investment that a person can make if they wish to improve their strength, physique, health and wellbeing.”  [ Read More ] 

Peter Pritchard   

Dr Ronald S. Laura is a world renowned philosophical scholar in Health Education. Educated at three of the world’s most prestigious Universities, he is currently Professor in Education at the University of Newcastle,  Australia, specialising in health and wholeness education.

He is the Author of 32 books, including 5 Best Sellers. His book, The Matrix Principle, with Professor Ken Dutton, remains the Best Selling book on Exercise and Fitness in Australian History.

Contrary to the conventional wisdom that only heavy weights build power and mass, The Matrix System and the theories underpinning it represent a whole new paradigm of understanding as to how muscle fibre can be activate maximally by light weights to build muscle size and power, while at the same time preserving or enhancing muscle hardness.

The outcome of his research is reflected in his development of 48 Matrix techniques, of unique exercise movements, each of which is of an increasing degree of intensity. The first 36 of these techniques have been published, and the remaining 12 of the 48 matrix Principles have been tested over a period of five years and will be ready for release in early 2010.

Learn how to express your true potential and maximize the various opportunities life has to offer.

Together with visualization techniques and a meditative focus on exercise, the Matrix System’ brings a better understanding and appreciation of ourselves and the world around us, the Matrix System’ aims to develop self empowerment – the ability to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams.

The journey’s just begun…..let’s experience it together !