Doctorate in Philosophy Oxford University

Body & Soul Dynamics is delighted to introduce one of the world’s leading philosophical thinkers in the area of health, fitness and total well-being.

His unique contribution has been to reconceptualize our understanding of the concepts of health and diseases of civilization in the light of a new paradigm, which affirms the primacy of consciousness and intelligent design as structural components of the entire cosmos.

His lifelong commitment to integrating the dynamics of body and soul, has been pioneering and profound, having provided a whole new approach to the way in which we define our relationship to nature, to our technologies, to the food we eat, and ultimately, to each other.

Born in Boston, U.S.A, Dr Ronald S Laura is currently the Senior Professor in Education at the University of Newcastle, Australia, where he specializes in the philosophy of Health Education, with a companion interest in the ramifications of our technological lifestyle as it impacts on the human body and spirit.

One of few individuals ever to have studied at three of the most prestigious universities in the world,

Harvard University – St Johns College,

Cambridge University, and

Oxford University – Brasenose College – (where he was awarded the Doctorate of Philosophy).

Professor Laura has written 32 books with another three books in press to his credit, along with literally hundreds of articles.

He has received several International coaching awards, including a Medal of Honor from, the UNESCO affiliated Sports Medicine and Health Education Committee of the IFBB, for his ‘outstanding contributions to health education’ and the drug problems in sport.

His remarkable accomplishments are far too numerous to detail here, but it would be remiss not to highlight a few which give sense of the depth and breadth of his interests and talents.

In addition to his academic pedigree and wide-ranging books, the following accomplishments, honours and other distinctions are noteworthy.

·       Awarded a Rockefeller Fellowship to Harvard University, where he graduating with Honours in 1970, achieving ‘Summa Cum Laude’ in his major area of study.

·        Awarded a Harvard Traveling Fellowship in 1970 to assist him in his international research in philosophy of medicine

·         Recipient of a Roothbert Research fellowship for study at St John’s College, Cambridge University.

·       Elected to the World Council of Churches Fellowship for study at Brasenose College, Oxford University.

·         Elected to the Oxford University, Denyer Johnson Research Fellowship in 1975.

·        Visiting Professor to Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Philosophy of Town Planning in 1976.

·         Appointed to a Lectureship in Philosophy of Education,

      Monash University, Australia, in 1977.

·          Appointed Professor of Education at the

      University of Newcastle, Australia, in 1978, the youngest Chair Professor ever appointed in this field within Australia.

·       Twice elected Dean of the Faculty of education, for a total of six years, at the University of Newcastle.

·       Twice elected Chairman, Committee of New South Wales Universities Deans of Education.

·        Appointed, Head of the Department of education, for a three year term of office, at the University of Newcastle.

·         Twice Elected President,

      The Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia.

·         Co-founder with Professor Saxon White of the Hunter Institute of Sport.

·         Foundation Chairman, Sports Medicine and Health Education Committee, the Hunter Institute of Sport.

·         Honourary Election to the New York Academy of Sciences.

·      Elected Lifetime International Fellow, the Philosophy of Education Centre (PERC), Harvard University.

·        Served on the Editorial Boards of the following journals and Magazines: ‘Philosophy and Education Theory’, ‘Practical Ethics’, ‘Philosophical Theory’, ‘Vogue’, ‘Nature and Health’, ‘Flex’, ‘Ultrafit’, ‘Australian Fitness and Training’, ‘Pump’, ‘Muscle Power’ and ‘Muscle & Fitness’.

·      Recipient of the Gold Medallion of Honour from the IFBB for his Research and Practical Contributions to the Drug problem in Sport, awarded personally by Dr Robert Goldman Head of American Athletic Union (AAA) at the IFBB World Bodybuilding Championships in Paris, France.

·        Appointed by the International Federation of Bodybuilding as Director, The Human Performance research Centre, Australasian Division.

Given his widely read books and approximately 300  research articles, along with his many years of television work and his own bodyshaping shows, teaching and public lectures, he is regarded as one of the world’s leading health educators and spiritual teachers.

His radical view that society’s excessive reliance upon technology as the means by which ‘mankind’ seeks to play God is profoundly elaborated in a number of his books, see…….

Empathetic Education’, with Dr M. Cotton;

Don’t let Technology steal your Soul’, with Dr T. Marchant ;

Technology & Nature in Harmony, with Dr J. Ashton and

‘Philosophical Foundations of Health Education’, with Dr S. Heany.

His insights have inspired people worldwide and his research has proven itself to have important implications for personal health, and wholeness, fitness and community well-being, environmental philosophy and personal happiness.

What is perhaps most exciting about the depth of his message is that despite its seriousness and sense of urgency, it is always embedded in hope and the unlimited power of love.

Professor Laura’s philosophy is ineluctably self-transforming, because he shows  that we can change the world for the better, only by first changing ourselves for the better.

Appreciation of this point makes easier to see why his published work ranges so widely.

He has spent an academic lifetime in an effort to understand and teach the subtle secrets of personal empowerment associated with self-transformation of the body, mind and spirit.

He calls his comprehensive program of multi-dimensional self improvement the ‘Matrix System of Universal Consciousness’ within which he teaches a whole new awareness of the body and mind as a unified energy field in constant dynamic with the surrounding world.

Professor Laura believes that consciousness is itself a dimension of reality. This is why the power of ‘positive thinking’ is so vital for personal empowerment, as the counterpart to ‘personal action’.

In essence thinking is a modality of action and action is a modality of thinking. To put it differently, the way in which we think about ourselves, about others and about the world around us is in subtle but significant ways an action within the realm of universal consciousness within the ‘cosmic energy field’, as he sometimes calls it, which alters each of these things.

We all have the power to change our lives dramatically by changing how we think about ourselves and the world around us.

As Professor Laura has argued in his book, Matrix Mindpower’,  every cell in the body is constantly ‘evesdropping’ to everything we think and is thus being constantly  shaped and transformed by our thoughts.

As you read on, let Professor Laura show you how you can release and realize your untapped potential for good health, true success and personal happiness