What we think health is, makes an important difference as to what we think we need to do to achieve it, and whether the required sacrifices and behavioural changes incurred seem to be too demanding to be worth doing.

Some of us, on the other hand, have at least a tolerably coherent idea of what health is and of how to maintain it, but despite our good intentions, cannot get sufficiently motivated, or are just too lazy or allegedly to busy to do anything about it!

When we do act to achieve good health, it is all too often because we have become sick, and want to be well.

Although your doctor is usually the person who will in such contexts help you get well, good health is not something you can simply get from your doctor, buy from the chemist or health food shop, aspire to go to a gym or hope for through the many alluring advertisements of infomercial T.V.  

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Nor should we regard health, I believe, as merely the absence of disease or illness, though there is no doubt that people are unhealthy when they are ill or have diseases.

Health, in my view, should be understood in the terms of the many positive things which it is rather than being defined by reference to the negative conditions and states of health which it is not.

Once this point is appreciated, it is easier to see that the concept of health is multifaceted and can signify many different things.

This is also one reason why we can get so confused about what things we need to do to be healthy.

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Although we live in a society which has fragmented the ‘whole person’ and compartmentalized the various dimensions of what we are into specific areas of expertise which have become the province responsibility of the experts, total well being or ‘whole health’, as I call it, depends upon the reintegration of and balance amongst the various facets of the living organism we know as a ‘person’. 

There is little point in thinking that all you need to do is exercise to make yourself healthy, or all that you need to worry about is eating properly, or getting adequate rest, sex, and the security of money, to name only a few possibilities.  

‘Whole Health’ depends upon centring yourself within a frame work of consciousness which unfolds the principles of balance that uniquely define for you as an individual the appropriate relationships of symmetry amongst the various facets of your existence which define you as living.

Some of you, for example, may already be physically fit and yet not be healthy. I know many people who exercise regularly, but also regularly suffer colds, or flu, headaches, anxiety attacks and even depression.

Being fit is a very important part of Whole Health but it is not sufficient in itself to make you healthy; some people work to get fit, but still cannot wait to have a cigarette after their training session, or get to the bar or club to drink alcohol or, take recreational drugs.

The simple truth is that is that they are not healthy in the sense of achieving ‘Whole Health’, because their lives are out of balance.

I have met professional bodybuilders, for instance who look incredible,

when in fact they are sickly, uninspired and unhappy.

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I believe that to achieve Whole health, you need to know how to nourish your whole being, not just your body, but also you’re emotions, your mind and your spirit. I have spent a life time educating myself in the understanding of whole health, not simply to keep the gift of health for myself, but to share it with you.

I believe that there is, if you like, a secret to Whole health, and I am confident from how I look, feel and behave that I have found it, but I also know that the fulfilment of a purposive and thus happy life for me will come not from keeping my secret but in shaping it.

I believe that I can show you how to find ‘Whole health’ for yourself by helping you to understand how to restore and create balance by developing those dimensions of well being that need to be redressed.

Amongst those dimensions of well being addressed in my Matrix lifestyle Program are the physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual, social and environmental (inclusive of food and nutrition) and the spiritual.

To achieve Whole Health the aim is less a matter of concentrating simply on curing existing illness, as it is a matter of living in a way that serves to prevent illness and disease from occurring in the first place.

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None the less, in addition to the significant preventative health benefits made available by the Matrix Lifestyle System, certain of your existing maladies are in any case very likely to be improved or remedied by your transformation towards Whole Health. In the context of this radically new concept of health, to be healed is of the deepest level of the human psyche to be made whole.


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