“All the strength you need to achieve anything is within you”        Sara Henderson     1936-2005

To Be or Not To Be Motivated: Is this the Key to your Success?

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is how, given my enormously busy schedule, is how I manage to remain so constantly motivated to achieve my many goals?

The truth is that, I am not constantly Motivated! , nor have I yet met a Human Being who is, we are selectively motivated.

So how do we motivate one self, or how do we motivate others, for example, in exercising and getting fit, increasing job performance and satisfaction, self improvement in daily life, achieving sporting goals, or simply living life to the fullest?

In this ever increasingly stressful and busy world, we may lose focus on what motivates us, and how to plan for, and achieve the goals which we set for ourselves. 

Through my experiences as an educator and trainer I have helped motivate individuals and organizations from all walks of life, including, business professionals, university academics, athletes and professional sports people.

Understanding the needs of the individual, is essential in establishing and setting required goals, and constructing a path of commitment and focus, to reaching these goals.

I am extremely interested in many things in this life, but I have learnt that, to succeed, you must focus your energy on the goals most important to you.

We can all be excited by things we hear and see, so we may well be motivated in the sense of having a reason to act, hopefully, a good reason.

None the less, and this is the deeper point, Motivation can be a form of emotional incentive which is far from permanent and far from being constant.

In my experience…..

·        Motivation needs to be supplemented by personal strength of will, which drives the commitment to make things happen.

·        In the end Motivation and commitment are not identical, though they are related.

·        Motivation is generally associated with the desire to achieve a specific goal.

Once a specific is achieved, the problem is that one has to be motivated again by finding another goal for which to strive.

Just as the Motivational factor in such cases is only temporary, so is the sense of Satisfaction gained from achieving the goal.

This is one reason why many goal-oriented people who are regarded as socially successful are paradoxically not very happy, for they have yet to find satisfaction.

If we judge our own worth in terms of our realized goals, we will always be seeking new goals to make ourselves feel valuable. In so doing, we let things outside ourselves be the judge of who we are inside.

This being so, Self-esteem and Self-value, stand as extrinsic goals in themselves.

We will always be relying on something outside ourselves to make ourselves feel valued.

The Matrix Health & Lifestyle System can greatly assist in over coming depression and low self worth by developing a healthy mind through a healthy body, increasing confidence, developing goal setting skills, health discipline and maintaining a positive attitude. 

My way of reconciling the transient nature of the relationship between Goals and Motivation is to strive for a            Sense of Purpose, which sustains the commitment to live one’s whole life in one way rather than another.

A Sense of Purpose involves an understanding, even if only vaguely articulate, of the meaning of one’s life.

With a Sense of Purpose, Motivation is the will to act.

Whether you seek Motivation for the benefit of Succeeding in your career, Getting Fit, Losing Weight, Furthering your Education, Excelling in Sports, or simply dealing with everyday life, take the journey to self motivation, discover more about my views and methods of Motivation in my handbook, ‘Matrix Mind Power’, based on over 20 years of Research and Clinical Trials to determine how to help you find A Sense of Purpose and Meaning to your life which work together to keep you motivated for lifetime success.


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