Welcome to my view on Nutrition, the following brief discussion stands as a tiny tip on the hugest of Icebergs.

This Website and its associated Publications will provide you the opportunity to developed your understanding on the Vitally important subject of Nutrition.

But here I want to share with you a few general points on my Philosophy of Nutrition.

Just as I believe that we are in essence what we think and what we do, there is a deep truth in the view that ‘We are what we Eat’.

Without a Healthy Mind and Body, Life can be very Difficult. Food is the primary way in which we fuel the body; the quality of the fuel that you put in can make an enormous difference, not only to the performance, but also to its longevity.

Once this point is appreciated, the obvious question is what type of Food Supply Maximizes Nutritional value and how much and how often you have to eat them to get the best from your diet.

The First suggestion I want to give here is based upon my belief that Natural, Whole Foods, presented for eating in a form, as close as possible to their form in nature, will be best.

In general, Foods that are synthesized and processed are not in the long term, beneficial for the maintenance of Health and enhanced Performance, either for the Mind or the Body.

The Human body is extremely well adapted and suited to Digest, Metabolize and make Bio-available unprocessed, whole foods.

On the other hand, the body has great Difficulty in efficiently utilizing foods that are processed, as the amounts of naturally produced beneficial qualities can be destroyed during processing.

The Body also has difficulty in remaining healthy when such foods are consumed.

Consider, for example, the established Health risks now associated with the ingestion of processed meats.

Such as, Bacon, Sausages, Hot Dogs, Salami etc. Mercola (2005) reports studies that establish that the consumption of processed meats is closely linked to Type 2 Diabetes.

In the study reported of males, aged 40 to 75, the risk of Type 2 Diabetes was increased by 50 percent for regular consumers of processed meats, in contrast to the general population.    

It has also been discovered that the conversion in the body of processed meat nitrates into ‘Nitro amines’ is also determinately linked to a significantly greater risk of cancer.

The Second suggestion I wish to make with regard to Healthy Foods is that  ‘Not all Calories are Equal’. The point is that Weight Management is less a matter of the number of Calories or Kilojoules you consume, as it is a matter of the kind of calorie consumed.

Your Body does not process all Calories in the same way.

When you ingest a fatty food, for example, the amount of Energy the Body uses to Metabolize a Calorie of fat is approximately 10% the Energy required to process a Calorie of Protein or Carbohydrate.

This means that your Body will burn up approximately 30 Calories to Metabolize 1000 Calories of fat, whereas it will burn up to 300 Calories, or 10 times as much, to Metabolize the same number of calories drawn from Carbohydrates.

Another way of looking at this from a practical perspective is to note that if you were to eliminate from your Diet no more than one pad of butter per day, you will keep your body free of 3.780 Calories each month, or a loss of 12 Pounds each year.

If you withhold one pad of butter from a baked potato twice per week, you are losing about half a pound every week.

In Summary, we tend to make the subject of Nutrition much more complicated than it needs to be. It is tempting to think that processed food represents an advance on the Food sources that nature so abundantly provides.

I believe that this is a Temptation to be resisted.

When all said, ‘Mother Nature Knows Best’.

 You can find out more about my views on Nutrition in my handbook,

‘THE HANDBOOK OF HEALTH, FITNESS AND NUTRITION’, based on over 20 years of Research and Clinical Trials.

            Avoid those potentially hazardous diets, and discover the ability that we all possess to live healthier & longer.  

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