What differentiates you from many of the conference speakers I have heard before is your ability               

to capture the audience by transforming your presentation into a vivid learning experience.                         

I have seen the behaviour of our team change in such a positive way that I feel your ability to achieve         

this is a rare skill. Your appreciation of our industry and your ability to discuss with such philosophical insight is truly inspirational and highly motivating.

Peter Nikoletatos, Operations Manager BHP


I believe that your message is of over-riding importance for the restoration and enhancement of             

human values which can only take place through the kind if deep philosophical and theological     

reflection which you so articulately provide.

You possess an amazing ability to reduce complicated and involved philosophical arguments to simple terms, without distorting the deeper truths they express.

Your charisma easily captures audiences, and draws affectionate response from people from all strata      

of society.

B.Bruce Johnston, Director, International College of Health & Fitness


Your presentation was one of the highlights of the conference.

You have inspired many of our people to alter their approach to their business and personal lives               

to enhance their effectiveness.

Greg Campbell, M.L.C. Financial Planning Services.


Your message gave our members renewed awareness for the necessity of more personal contact             

with clients, customers, family and the community, rather than relying on contact through machines.

Thankyou for the marvellous contributions you made towards the success of our event.

Paul Jensen Executive Director, Raine & Horne.


Congratulations and thanks for the fantastic job you did for us as the keynote speaker at our convention  at Couran Cove Resort.

To hold an audience like ours entranced for two hours, was outstanding.            

To receive an ovation from the same group was astonishing.

You introduced thoughts and proposals to them, which tested and stretched their minds and they loved it.

Your presentation was truly the highlight of the convention.

Andrew Clark Managing Director, The Silverlake Group.


                                            SPEAKING TOURS & SEMINARS

                      – Dr Ron Laura is available for seminars on a wide variety of issues

                                        – The connection between nature and ourselves.

                               – His philosophy of health, technology, nature and religion

                                             – The dehumanising effects of technology

                                                                   – Drugs in sport.

                                                          – Steroids in Bodybuilding.