Dear Professor Laura,

I felt I had to write to you to express my deep appreciation of the many benefits which your Matrix System has bought to my life.

I am perhaps one of your longest standing pupils of the Matrix Training system, having started the program some 20 years ago.

To say the least, it has become a central feature of my lifestyle orientation within which the power of both my mind and body have been extended far beyond what I imagined possible.

Having been a serious student of yoga and meditation before coming to Matrix Training, I found your program not only compatible with these  interests but found that it enhanced my focus, improved my flexibility and strength, and gave me a whole new level of vitality, self-esteem and fitness.

Your Matrix System has been more to me than just an exercise program.

Your emphasis on exercise as a form of nourishing the body and mind represents a completely different way of approaching the subject, just as the radically new methods and techniques you have created for doing Matrix exercises are entirely different from any conventional training program I have ever seen.

Whatever the physiological theory underpinning your revolutionary Matrix Principles of movement, it was obvious to me after only a few weeks, that the results from your program were truly astonishing. Your program made me feel as though I was actually the sculptor of my own body, and with every session I witnessed significant changes in my body tone, fitness and strength levels, and even in the overall shape of my body.

Most people try an exercise program for a while get what they can from it and then move on to another fad to do the same.

That I have been following your program now for 20 years and continue to improve is testimony to the fact that you have succeeded in providing people with a remarkably effective exercise program for lifelong health and fitness.

And who would believe that I workout only once per week on your system?

Both my sons, Jeff and Nick, are also avid proponents of Matrix Training, and have, not unlike myself, found that the philosophy of Matrix has done much to change not only their bodies, but their lives.

They both intend to write to you themselves, but I want to say that the influence which your Matrix System and the many books you have written about it has had on their lives has been phenomenal.

One of my sons gave up smoking and drinking to become a competitive tri-athlete and highly successful veterinarian, while my other son exchanged kilos of fat for kilos of muscle and is now working as a successful music writer for film scores in Hollywood.

Finally, I want you to know that in 1997 I was in a serious automobile accident suffering traumatic injuries to my head, neck, shoulders and back.

Although I experienced some improvement in flexibility and pain relief from conventional physiotherapy, it has been my return to gentle Matrix exercise that has ultimately restored both my strength and flexibility to allow me to lift my arms freely above my head after many years of painful and restricted movement.

You’re Matrix Roll Press and Matrix laterals have literally given me a newly found freedom of movement I was uncertain I would ever regain.

Thank you most sincerely for having created such an effective and inspiring lifelong system of exercise and lifestyle orientation.

Yours sincerely

Carmel Ashton


Dear Professor Laura

I am writing to thank you for helping me to make a number of radical changes in my life – which I hope, ultimately, will save from a premature demise !

Earlier this year, I went to see my doctor after suffering from a prolonged period of what I thought was gastric reflux. The doctor diagnosed a stomach ulcer in the early stages of development and moderately high blood pressure. We had a long chat about a range of things, including the need to adapt one’s lifestyle as one gets older. I’m currently 33 years old and have a very successful (sedentary) job in banking.

Fortunately for me, my doctor believes in taking a natural approach to medicine and we set about trying to get me back on track.

A few weeks after I saw the doctor, I came across your book – ‘Twelve weeks to a Better Body for men’ – in my local bookshop. It seemed to be just what the doctor had ordered!

Through a combination of good diet (low fat) and exercise, including cycling to and from work, I have managed to bring the ulcer completely under control, reduce my blood pressure to normal and lose 13 kilos in weight (I’m 5’5” and now weigh 74kg) – all within the space of three months

I’m half-way through your program – which I’m sticking to religiously – and can’t believe the changes to my body already.        I wouldn’t have thought it possible !

I thoroughly enjoy the workouts and always look forward to the next session.

I started off the program using two house bricks, some heavy books and an ironing board – as you suggested, I have used a little ingenuity.

However, I’ve just gone out and bought a second-hand weights bench and a selection of dumbbells and bar bells, and look forward to achieving some real results. Fortunately, the results are gradual as I’ve not only had to overcome resistance from the weights, but the wife as well !

I guess I’m like a lot of beginners – I’m too impatient for results and can’t wait to start the program described in the Matrix Principle.

Thankyou – you’ve been an inspiration


Lawrence Booth


“My Name is James Nilsson, and I am 19 years of age.

I have attended Professor Ron S. Laura’s class for 2 years now.

Professor Laura and his programs have really effected my life significantly during the time in which I have spent in training with him.

Along with the incredible changes to my body, comes a whole new lifestyle of health, mental and spiritual strength.

I now know how I want to live my life and have now gained an understanding in making better health choices. I see the value in attending a program that promotes a completely drug free training schedule. Despite never having used drugs, I am currently gaining great results.

While attending the Matrix for Adolescents Program once a week, I have grown a massive 5 Inches around my shoulders, I have gained 3 Inches on my biceps, 3 Inches on my thighs and 3 Inches on my chest.

I love the feeling it gives me at the end of each workout, and I notice the increasing power I get each time I commit to the excercises. When I first began training I could barely make

10 repetitions with fifty pounds in a bench press trial. Recently I succeeded with fifteen repetitions of 1 50 pounds. I also      notice the extra energy I have through the whole of each week, I concentrate better at work and I have more energy to enjoy spending time with friends and family.

Before starting the Matrix system, I was a tall, skinny 17 year old boy. I was involved in a lot of sport already, in and out of school, but after leaving school I began attending Professor Laura’s training group.

With the help of the Matrix program I have become much stronger than I could ever have been, even if I tried to motivate myself.

People have Noticed that I have made such a big transformation, both socially and physically, and they comment on the success the program have given to me. The Matrix program is awesome and now I feel I could never give it up”.

James Nilsson 


 Dear Professor Laura

My Husband and I wan to thank you sincerely for letting our son, lee, attend your weekly community health and fitness clinic. When Lee came to you more than a year ago, he was skinny, stooped with one shoulder significantly lower than the other; he had low self-esteem, no confidence and related poorly to people.

The changes you have bought Lee’s life have been truly incredible

Since lee started your Matrix Fitness program, he has gained 30 Kilograms of solid muscle and will soon compete in his first natural bodybuilding championship, a lifelong dream for him.

His arms are 4 Inches larger, as are his thighs and chest. He has put an unbelievable 8 Inches around his shoulders and has tripled his strength. In addition to being well on the way to building the body of his dreams, your Matrix System and community clinics, plus your friendship has helped to0 transform Lee into the impressive person he has now become.

With your help he now works occasionally as a fashion model and has appeared in several fashion features published in fashion magazines. Because of the confidence you have helped him gain in himself, he has been able to make use of his deep knowledge and lifelong interest in insects, with presentations at the University of Newcastle and other local organizations.

 I short, Lee is a very different person from the many kind things you have done for him and his life, for the generous way in which you have shared your time with him, for the way in which you have inspired him to find the best in himself and fir the friendship you have shown him and to us in the time we have known you.

Your contribution to the Newcastle community is deeply appreciated. Thank you so much”.

Loraine and John Martyn


Scott Elkovich is a 24 year old Physical Education Teacher in Newcastle and has been involved in personal training and human performance for roughly 6 years.

He is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Newcastle under the supervision of Dr Ronald Laura and is a certified instructor of Matrix Training.

Whilst his expertise lie in the areas of sports specific training with extensive experience in rowing, sprinting, cricket and soccer at an elite level, he also specialises in fitness and strength training for general populations, involving people of all ages and fitness levels.

His current research is looking at the effectiveness of a physically safe weight training and fitness program for children and young people with regards to its influence on self-esteem, self-efficacy, attitudes towards physical activity and impact on body composition and fitness levels.

His weight training programs incorporate Dr Laura’s revolutionary technique of Matrix Muscle Training with specific movement patterns and activities aimed at the needs of the individual client.

This combination significantly augments the overall effectiveness of his programs aimed at reducing levels of body fat, raising fitness levels and increasing human performance for clients in their chosen sports.

By incorporating Dr Laura’s methods of weight training he is able to bring clients results far superior to conventional training.

As you have read above in his article on the scientific basis of the remarkable gains afforded by Matrix Training, he can achieve these results in a much briefer time frame than that of conventional training with respect to both the amount of time spent working per week and per individual session.

This extraordinary savings in time makes it a far more efficient option for people pressed for time and with different needs.





Dear Professor Laura,

I would like to formerly express my sincere personal thanks to you for the change your Matrix System has made to my life.

As you know, when we first met 10 years ago in November 1999, I was far from a picture of health. Suffering from a respiratory illness, I was unfit, unwell and unhappy with life in general.

Having earlier that year been diagnosed as having only minimal lung elasticity due to years of shallow breathing, I felt that I was facing a bleak future. The answer according to the medical profession was increased medication, which simply meant increased corticosteroid intake. Never mind about the serious side effects!

After trying homeopathic treatments, herbal medicine, acupuncture, breathing exercises, vitamins, minerals and you name it, I was somewhat sceptical when you first explained how the mental and physical principles of your training program would enable me to regain my health and fitness. I think I just nodded in disbelief when you mentioned all the other benefits I would attain from Matrix training.

I have not looked back since that day and I’m now a totally different person – one full of energy and a passion for life, with an optimistic outlook, as opposed to one of negativity and frustration from feeling helpless as a victim of my condition.

After just 8-10 short weeks on the program, I noticed the changes and within one year friends were commenting on my new muscles and how well I looked. I now feel 10 years younger, my physical appearance has changed dramatically and I am proud of my “new” body.

Today my ailments no longer dominate my life or impede my wellbeing. To be specific, by way of measurement my chest has increased by 140mm, shoulders by 165mm, and both arms and thighs by 90mm. In regards to my waist I have toned up and reduced it by 76mm.

Few can believe that my current level of health and fitness has been achieved with just one hour of Matrix training a week. From personal experience I believe that your training program is the best investment that a person can make if they wish to improve their strength, physique, health and wellbeing.

For the benefit of others who may read this, I am over 70 years old now and just as you said, the power of Matrix has truly reversed my ageing, breathed new life into my body and healed me from the inside out. Only those who know the “before and after” me, can understand my lifetime commitment to this amazing training program.


Peter Pritchard  


Dear Professor Laura,

I am writing to let you know how much my mother, Marion,  and I have appreciated the assistance you have personally provided with your Matrix Program in changing my mother’s life quite significantly, both in terms of her physical and mental health.

I brought my mum to you, you will no doubt remember, when she was 94 and ‘going down hill’ so to say, all too rapidly.

When she came to you, not unlike many people her age, she had great difficultly getting out of a car, or out of a comfortable chair for that matter and felt a great loss of personal freedom in not being able any longer to get herself onto the bus.

After 12 weeks of working with you on your Matrix Program she underwent a truly remarkable transformation.

I can recall vividly that when she first arrived at your clinic, she could not squat down even four or five inches below the standing position, despite having worked with professional physiotherapists in the previous year who were assisting in her rehabilitation.

However at the end of the 12 week program, with only one training session per week with you for the first six weeks and a second session structured by you which we undertook at the Gosford Leagues club, she was a truly different person.

She could do almost 20 repetitions on your leg press machine (and could not do one repetition at the beginning); she could do ten deep knee bends, a good strong set or two of curls and more importantly, she could get herself onto the bus, out of her chair and our car, all by herself.

The sense of freedom she felt from this achievement was monumental for her. She truly felt that the clock of her life has been turned back at least a decade or two, felt stronger and healthier than she has in many years and felt she was no longer imprisoned by a week and frail body.

Her zest for life in general was very much restored, and along with it, the quality of life she enjoyed in her last years with us.

Although she has passed from us, she will never be forgotten, and I am very grateful to you for helping her to regain the sense of confidence, vitality and personal integrity, as well as great character, for which she was well known, admired and loved by us all.

            Berile Dudley


Dear Professor Laura,

Now that my two sons, Jason and Simon plus my brother Geoff and I are all doing your Matrix health and fitness program, it should be obvious how impressed we are with your remarkable training system and community health lifestyle program.

As the proprietor , I lead an enormously busy life and have over the years given less attention than I should to keeping my body toned and fit.

Since discovering your community health Matrix Fitness & Weight Management Clinic, the improvements to my levels of fitness, and body tone and general feeling of well being have been no less than amazing.

You’re once a week training regime has been great for a person who is as busy as I am with no or little time to spend in a gym.

Being on the verge of 50 I didn’t expect any miracles, but the benefits my family and I have experienced from your program are truly sensational.

Thank you for your contribution to community health.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Spruce





Dear Professors Laura,

        As an established weight Training Association in Cardiff, South Wales, U.K. we have a firm interest in training  

        Coaches and Instructors from basic standards upwards.

        We also teach a Weight Training module in a two year Sports Therapists Course which is E.E.C. sponsored at a 

        College in Mid Wales

We have always maintained a broad and open interest in Weight Training and any advance or developments which comes to our attention is always discussed amongst our senior staff of the Association to assess its value, particularly the long term period of time testing.

The Matrix principle has been brought to our attention and due to the fact that we have used part repetition and isometric work within some of the workouts that we recommend, we can see the value of the more detailed forms and wider variety of set variations of matrix training.

We have carried out short term trials and have found results comparable to your longer term testing, so therefore we are hoping to add the Matrix Principles to the Instructors course

We have read with interest your books but feel we need to know more about the different physiological development within the fibres when using matrix training as against conventional weight training.

Where as we all know specific power training decreases endurance and enhances white fibres and specific endurance work visa-versa, Matrix Training appears to enhance both aspects without detriment to the other, the impression we have is that both power and endurance increases on parallel lines.

We are interested to know the effect on the middle fibres and whether they can be changed either way.

We would appreciate any information on this aspect or anything to help with our teaching that you feel we need to know.

Yours sincerely,

           T.E. Gray

 Director of coaching W.W.T.A.


Professor Ronald Laura,

I am writing this letter to let you know of the satisfying results that I am achieving with the Matrix Principleof Bodybuilding.

After doing the normal method of bodybuilding for a period of 6 months I have found that the Matrix Principle has brought a much more efficient and swift change to my physique.

I am more than satisfied with the growth of my muscles and the continuing development that this form of weight-lifting is bringing about.

The instructions contained within your book are both concise and easily carried out.

I also wish to thank you for your personal assistance in recommending the aids to use in transforming the fat tissue into muscle.

Yours faithfully,

           Thomas Milan




Community Volunteers Promoting Health and Wellbeing

Dr Dein Vindigni Secretary HOHA

P.O. Box 1266, Laior, Victoria, Australia 3075

Email: [email protected]

Dear Professor Saunders,

 I am prompted to write this letter to express my profound appreciation and admiration for a colleague of yours Professor Ron Laura. In my experience as a health practitioner and researcher, if s refreshing to meet with such a busy and prominent person who is so willing to assist individuals with whom they have no formal academic relationship.

 I have known Professor Laura for approximately fifteen years in which time, I have been privileged to be mentored by               his professional and personal qualities. In recent years he was instrumental in encouraging me to pursue a PhD in          Aboriginal health with the Faculty of Health. Professor Laura kindly assisted in mentoring me in the planning,               implementing and writing of my doctoral thesis. Without his belief in my abilities beyond my limitations, I would have struggled to complete the task. The doctorate has since been successfully completed and used for actively  implementing practical and positive programs for promoting the health of Indigenous Australians via our  voluntary  health association Hands On Health Australia HOHA (see

 In recent years, HO HA has expanded to include over 20 programs in Australasia that care for over 20,000 people per annum. Ron continues to inspire myself and the many volunteers at HO HA through his mentoring of the organization, commitment to health education and extraordinary personal and public achievements.

Beyond the care and concern which he has selflessly shown myself, I am particularly aware and appreciative of the encouragement, support and personal attention which he regularly and voluntarily extends to-all people and towards his students and colleagues. Despite his busy workload, he has always kindly and generously mentored my formative steps in research despite his having no formal supervisory role.

 Professor Ron Laura delights in sharing the extensive skills, knowledge and wisdom amassed throughout his rich professional life.

The regular study and health promotion sessions which he voluntarily conducts in his home, reflect his commitment to caring for students above and beyond his usual responsibilities. The number and quality of research and publications produced by his PhD students is unprecedented. He is clearly a tremendous asset to the University and community and expresses deep personal fulfilment in seeing the abilities of his students unfold.

Professor Laura’s open, friendly personality and compassionate concern for the well being of others is a shining light in the academic world and beyond. Ron is admired and respected by both his colleagues and those outside university circles. I believe that ifs particularly worthwhile that a university fulfils this broader role in inspiring self-belief among individuals and groups that are committed to advancing skills and knowledge. He continues to make an invaluable and inspirational contribution to the profession and the broader community. It has been an inspiration and privilege to known him. Though Professor Laura is richly blessed with gifts, perhaps one of his greatest gifts is in helping others to recognize their own giftedness. I look forward to working with him in the future.


Dein Vindigni.

JP., B.A.(Soc.Sc)., B.App.Sc.(Chiro.), Master Med.Sc., PhD.


Professor Ronald Laura

 I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the work you did at our Regional Education and Training Conferences. From the feedback we have received the conferences were a great success with many planners commenting that they were the best yet.

Your presentation was one of the highlights of the conference and generated a great deal of interest.

Out of all the speakers that presented at the conference you probably worked the hardest – not only did           you work out on stage but you had 20-30 people surrounding you after the presentations for 30-45 minutes.

 Although your message is unique and has the potential to be quite complex you delivered it in a way            that everyone could understand and benefit from. You have inspired many of our people to alter               their approach to their business and personal lives to enhance their effectiveness.

Although your message is unique and has the potential to be quite complex you delivered it in a way           that everyone could understand and benefit from. You have inspired many of our people to alter               their approach to their business and personal lives to enhance their effectiveness.

Thank you once again for your participation.


 Greg Campbell


My name is Amy Chapman and I have this semester completed my B Teaching / B Arts (English) through            the Faculty of Education at the University of Newcastle. I am writing this letter in regards to my            Teacher Research Project Supervisor, Professor Ronald Laura.

My educational background has seen me spend the past six years studying at the University of Newcastle.      In this time I have more than likely been taught by close to one hundred academics, lectures and tutors           in various faculties, and Professor Laura is without doubt, the greatest teacher I have ever been privileged    to learn with.

Throughout this research process, Professor Laura has shown me that the pursuit of knowledge, which I    once considered to be complex and far beyond my reach, is closer to being a journey fuelled by a     perplexing question or a spark of avid curiosity just waiting to be explored, nuanced, and challenged           by someone truly committed to the role of teaching.

No other teacher in my past has encouraged that yearning to explore more than he. And for that         I sincerely thank him.

While Professor Laura has been a thoughtful, insightful and inspiring supervisor he has also made explicit     the kind of teacher I wish to be. He has shown me that teachers hold a position of influence in the lives          of their students which is often overlooked in the search for outcomes, grades and results. The impact that      a good teacher has on a life is one that the student will carry with them forever.

Whilst I know that to measure a teacher’s success purely by the degree of learner satisfaction sets too        Iowa standard, particularly in this case, I think a far better measure may be the impact the learner has,          in turn, on his or her environment.

So in three years time you may hear from me again, after three years of successful teaching and part           way through a Master Degree by Research at the University of Newcastle under the supervision of     Professor Laura. I hope that I may even be able to send you a copy of a thank you letter a student wrote to   me for encouraging them through their learning process.

No matter, I am writing this letter to you so that you know that I will be a better teacher and person for     being blessed with his inspiring teaching.

Kind Regards

Amy Chapman


Dear Ron,

It has been my pleasure to be your student for the last semester of my university degree. Your ability to work with me on a one on one basis and your ability to get the best out of me is greatly admired by myself and my fellow class-mates.

You have shown an ample amount of professionalism in all that you have done for us as students, whether it be dinners, meetings or group seminars.

Thankyou for all you hard work, awesome knowledge and caring nature

M. Hinchey

P.S- my wife and I had a baby girl (Emily Amber Hinchey)

Also I’d be happy to have my assignment published!


Professor Nicolaus Saunders

Vice Chancellor’s Division

The University of NewcastIe

Dear Vice Chancellor

Let me begin by welcoming you most warmly to your new position as Vice Chancellor of The University of Newcastle. I wish you the very best in the challenging years ahead.

I have been a student at this University for ten years and have recently been employed here as a casual lecturer and tutor. During the time I have spent at this University it

has become obvious to me that people generally write letters when they have a complaint about something and all too rarely write to say how happy they have been about their experience here. I felt I could not depart from this University without writing this positive letter. I am currently a doctoral candidate in the School of Education, and my thesis will be submitted by the time you receive this correspondence. I have intentionally written this letter prior to the examination of my thesis, because I want to make it unequivocally clear that independently of the outcome of the examiners’ reports; I mow that I could not anywhere have been, afforded better supervision than that provided by my supervisor – Professor Ronald Laura.

I first met Professor Laura ten years ago when I was an undergraduate in a

philosophy of education unit which he then offered. I can recall vividly how

enthralled I was by his substantive presentation, which he gave. by the

way. without using a single note and without uttering a single ‘ah’ or ‘um’ at

any point. In fact I am now slightly embarrassed to admit that I was suspicious

at the time that no one could be so effortlessly articulate without having

committed the entire two hour lecture to memory. It did not take many more

of his lectures for me to discern how wrong I was.

Every lecture, and even his spontaneous responses to student questions, confirmed

his extraordinary gift of language and mind; the same rigorous pattern of organized

thought processes, remarkable clarity and comprehensive depth of knowledge.

The astonishing interest and excitement he brought to what I reckoned was likely to be a

‘dull subject’ still overwhelms me. Although. I could not in those days appreciate the

full measure of his intellect (nor would I presume to do so today)~ it was unmistakable

to me and to other students in his classes with whom I spoke that we were in the

presence of great genius. I was from the outset enormously inspired by him and thus

enrolled in level1, unit of his which my schedule would permit.

His capacity to weave conceptual patterns of enormous subtlety and insight, coupled

with his lucid and erudite elaboration of philosophical discourse continue to amaze

me. especially as I have come better to understand the profundity of his ideas. In 1999

I completed my honours thesis under his fastidious supervision (not only philosophical                   but grammatical) and graduated with First Class Honours. I have since been enrolled

in the Ph.D. again under his astute supervision, and have at last managed to read

his thirty two published books. I also take some pride in having read in excess of one

hundred of the many hundreds of books and articles.



To Professor PhilForeman Head of the Department of Education in the

University of Newcastle

Dear Professor Forman,

As you are no doubt aware I have recently been notified of my successful examination results and shall be awarded my PhD on the 30th September, 2004. I sincerely believe that Professor Laura’s supervision during the course of this thesis has proven to be vital in drawing together, with profound insight, an extensive body of literature.

By employing his formidable array of ideas, I have effectively connected the ostensibly disparate fields of epistemology, contemporary science, cultural probity and quantum physics, all within the framework of ecological education. As the examiners’ have commented, his support in the process of this dissertation has been ‘outstanding’ and deserving of ‘commendation’.

I have known this gentle genius for many years and have never had reason to doubt his sincerity. I would also like to add that his kindness and commitment have been wholesale with respect to all of his students. Indeed, he has opened his heart and home to each and everyone of them and expected nothing more in return than their pledge to educational innovation. I am humbled by his – charisma and I stand, as always, in complete awe of his intellectual achievements.

Finally, I wish to thankyou for your support during my period of ill health. I am now more conscious of the various conditions which can lead to infirmity and I am confident that I may continue to contribute to your department’s ongoing devotion to educational research and development.

With kind regards,

Matthew Carrington Cotton


Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Stuart Campbell. I am writing on Behalf of Professor Ron Laura.

I have attended the course EDUC4078 (Teacher Research Project) with Professor Ron Laura as my supervisor. The course began and has had duration of a little over one semester.

I had originally enrolled in the course with a different supervisor.

I changed supervisors to Professor Ron Laura when I heard about his very personable approach to the students under his supervision.

When I first heard about the professor I was told about the dinner that Professor Ron Laura offered and about his personalised form of communication. Professor preferred personable means to communicate with such means as phone calls or face-to-face contact.

Even though professor had at least fifty students under his supervision the professor, always made time for all his students.

He wished to ensure that all his students were in close contact to ensure that all students were on task and progressing with their assignments.

As a reward for the students, on completion of their teacher research projects the professor gave the option to the student to have a dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

Similarly to the dinner held for the students at the beginning of the semester when the course began.

There were twenty-five vacancies available for the students.

Each spot was quickly filled.

Such was the popularity of the professor and his teaching methods.

It was because of the Professor’s personable approach and his encouragement that I am applying to do my Masters in Education commencing 2005. It is my desire to have Professor Ron Laura as my supervisor for the duration of the course.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Faithfully

Stuart Campbell



Dear Professor Ron

I wanted to join my father, brother and uncle in thanking you for the much valued personal help and advice you have given all my family over the course of the last year.

The results I have experienced from your Matrix once a week fitness system have been phenomenal. In the first twenty four weeks under your supervision I have lost an unbelievable 6 inches off my waist and put two inches on my arms.

My shoulder girth has increased by 4 inches and my chest by 3 inches. I have doubled my strength, have much more energy and feel so much better that I am fully committed to staying fit and healthy for life.

I greatly appreciate the time energy and vast knowledge of health and fitness which you willingly share with so many people in the Newcastle community.

I am as amazed by their results as I am by my own.

Thank you again.

Yours truly



Dear Professor Laura,

 I don’t usually write letters like this, but the amazing results I have got from your once a week program      make me want to thank you personally for the changes you have brought to my life. I have just completed    my seventh week and lost 3kg in weight, 4 ½ inches off my waist, 2 inches off my hips, gained 1 ½ inches      on my shoulders  to make my shape so much more symmetrical, toned my arms and thighs.       

Equally important to me is how great I feel. I feel good about myself and have more energy for my family.

Thanks so much for creating the most effective and quick program I have ever come across.

Who ever thought that any training system could give you the kind of results I got from one 50-60 minute workout a week?

Your Matrix System has done the unbelievable. Thank you so much

Yours Sincerely

Tina Martyn



Dr. Verollica Griffill, M.Sc. PIl.D.


Dear Dr. Laura,

I have just finished your brilliant book HIDDEN HAZARDS. I did not read it, I devoured it, chapter-by-chapter.

It is great to see that an Australian researcher has the courage to tell the public what’s wrong and give so many well researched facts on issues which are being cleverly suppressed by vested interests. Congratulation – keep up the good work and give us more!

Which is the next bubble to burst? It is about time, that the ‘safety’ of many drugs came under closer scrutiny, after all, the information in MIMS and PDR are industry­ supplied, and therefore reflect the research done by vested interests. , Here I need to say, that I am a Psychologist with a degree in Nutritional Science (USA), and a qualified Natural Therapist, and member of the Orthomolecular Medical Society (Dr. Ian Brighthope).

That means that most of the mainstream medicos view us with suspicion – but more and more of them start to doubt the dogma of modern medicine.

One subject that causes me – and many others – a lot of concern is the push for Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Women are often literally threatened by their doctors to go on HRT to ‘prevent osteoporosis’. I am compiling information available on the side effects of synthetic HRT, may be you can help me?

The new rage in HRT (safe?) according to most doctors, but not quite so safe according to MIMS (page 6-272) is pushed in a great way. Could you please direct me to more information on its long term RISKS? Since it has been openly admitted that synthetic oestrogens are carcinogenic, how come that transdermal application should be safe, after all it still has to be metabolized in the liver and its metabolites are subject to enterohepatic circulation.

Any information on this subject would be highly appreciated. Do you intend to publish more along those lines? I sincerely hope you will find the time.

I feel that the public is like a sponge – they are tired of being treated like mushrooms: kept in the dark and fed… .manure. I wonder how the ones in Power and the AMA are liking your book??

Many thanks, you are helping a lot of people.

            Veronica Griffin


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